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We recognize that having your vehicle towed is a significant inconvenience and material expense to many. Please remember that our customer service agents are not the property owner, police or driver that towed the vehicle.
We are ONLY the Vehicle Storage Facility who stores the vehicles. Please treat them kindly and with respect. We will do the same and together we can make this process as pleasant as possible for all parties.

A couple things to note to make the process as easy as possible:

We can only accept payment for vehicle release once the retrieval method is confirmed and standing by. i.e., If a vehicle is unable to be driven and needs to be towed we cannot accept a release payment unless the tow truck to retrieve the vehicle is present.
Thank you for your understanding.

Forms of Payment: We accept EXACT cash(we do not offer change at the facility) and ALL Major Credit Cards. If a credit card is used, the name on the card MUST match the name on the ID provided for the release. All Credit Card Payments will be charged a 3% surcharge

We do not accept checks or payments over the phone. 


Fees: The maximum rates for a private property tow are set by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
For Vehicles less than 10,000 GVW these rates are currently as follows:
PPI Light Duty Hook Fee: Inside Dallas City Limits $121 / Outside the City of Dallas limits upto $272
Impound Fee: $22.85 plus tax- This is a one time fee that is accrued as soon as the vehicle arrives at the impound facility
Light Duty Storage Fee: $22.85 plus tax per day. This fee is assessed the minute it arrives at our facility, after the first 12 hours and each night at midnight. (Heavy Duty Storage: $39.99 plus Tax)
Notification fee: $50.00 When a vehicle is left in our storage for over 24 hours, this fee is assessed for the costs associated with notifying all owners and lien holders as required by state laws.

Police Notification Fee$10 when a vehicle is left in our facility for 10 days or more, this fee is assessed for the costs associated with notifying the proper authorities of the impounded vehicle as required by state laws.

NOTE: This link will redirect you to a website that is controlled by AutoReturn and is not affiliated with Peak Auto Storage.

For Dallas Police Impounds the below form is REQUIRED from the registered owner to release a vehicle to a 3rd party. (anyone who is a non registered owner)

For Private Property Impounds the below form is REQUIRED if you do not have proof of ownership documents.

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